Monte Matto

The highest wall in the Maritime Alps

The south-east wall of Monte Matto | APAM Archive, A. Rivelli

From the upper lake to the summit the snow is never steep, you zig-zag to the summit where you look over into the bright void at the bottom of which lies Terme.

Giorgio Bocca, Allora ero immortale

Seen from below the Monte Matto (3097 m) massif looks like a counter-weight to the Argentera ridge and the Gesso della Valletta valley looks like a child's drawing with a perfectly symmetrical mountain on each side.

The south-east face of Matto drops away for almost 1700 metres, offering a breathtaking view of the valley floor. This CAI member felt the same writing in a late nineteenth century journal: "even more surprising is the east face: indeed, the thermal baths seem so close and so directly below the summmit, that one feels that a stone thrown from here would be bound to hit the roof".