The villages in Alpi Marittime

Three valleys, five municipalities

Aisone, in Valle Stura di Demonte, is the far-east of Maritime Alps, sharing part of its territory with the Cottian Alps. The heart of the Park is Valle Gesso with the villages of Valdieri, Entracque and Roaschia. The other side of the protected area is in Valle Vermenagna, and the upper Val Grande which is in the municipality of Vernante.


Aisone basks in the sun below large pine and larch covered ledges. The climate is so favourable that in some plots even grapes will ripen.


Alpine village and modern tourist resort: two souls of the same village. Lying in the sun in a glacial basin between the waters of three streams, Entracque offers a wide range of experiences.


The centre of Roaschia, narrow streets, open courtyards, is at the bottom of a side valley squeezed in between the mountains, wonderfully cool in summer and frighteningly cold in winter.


Spread out in the sun like a colourful blanket, the medieval village of Valdieri stretches below the imposing limestone wall of Rocca San Giovanni-Saben.


A hospitable town in the middle of the valley, Vernante is the gateway to the upper Val Vermenagna and to the short but charming Val Grande. Famous for being Pnocchio's village.