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Population: 253
Height: 834 m a.s.l.

Aisone basks in the sun below large pine and larch covered ledges. The climate is so favourable that in some plots even grapes will ripen. A beautiful Romanesque bell tower and a Renaissance baptismal font remain of the old town centre.
In the Morra area you can see the remains and stone arches of a medieval aqueduct. Just up beyond the village, there are numerous natural cavities, used by people in prehistoric times (4800-3500 BC). The caves can be seen from the road and can be reached with a short walk in the Rio Borbone valley. After the turning for Piron you take a dirt road to the right leading to a scenic basin surrounded by walls and rocky towers. Part of the territory of Aisone is included in the Parco delle Alpi Marittime, which has a multi-purpose structure in the village, the Taverna delle Grotte, a visitor centre and shop/cafeteria.
Today Aisone is known above all among cross-country ski enthusiasts and for those who love Occitan music and dancing: the Bar Centro fondo of Aisone satisfies both ...

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