Valle Gesso

Valdieri | APAM Archive

Population: 937
Height: 904 m a.s.l.

Spread out in the sun like a colourful blanket, the medieval village of Valdieri stretches below the imposing limestone wall of Rocca San Giovanni-Saben, which gives its name to the Nature Reserve behind the village. The Reserve is home to the northernmost specimens of Phoenician juniper, a typically Mediterranean plant.
Ancient traditions, rediscovered festivities and new dates appear on the calendar through the seasons of the village and its hamlets.

At Carnival time the Rye Bear wakes up, then at the end of July and beginning of August you can smell lavender in the air in Andonno, with the Ai temp d'izòp celebration, on the fourth Sunday in August rye takes centre stage again, with workshops, courses, stalls and music in Sant'Anna di Valdieri, the only hamlet inside the Park inhabited all year. To savour the sweetness of autumn, on the first Sunday in October enjoy some garùn, the local chestnuts.
Some of the most evocative routes in the Park start just up the valley from Valdieri leading to the most breathtaking landscapes, to the most coveted peaks and the most secluded and charming corners of the Maritime. The upper Valle Gesso is also home to the famous thermal springs, known since ancient times, where you can pamper yourself in the spacious establishment built for Vittorio Emanuele II.

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